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Convergence Is Inevitable (An Open Letter To Apple)

The cnet interview that was published following Apple's Mac event yesterday quotes Jony Ive as saying Apple decided against touchscreens for the Mac “many, many” years ago.  I hope this is just Jobsian rhetoric and not a sign of true stubornness.  It completely misses the big picture: In 2016 I do not want to charge, carry, and maintain two devices just because there are two important interaction models, each of which is better suited to some tasks and circumstnaces than the other.  

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U.S. Patent Office Confirmed All 20 Claims of the Steve Jobs Patent

The situation on the patent front is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for Google, Samsung, and the Android ecosystem at large. More and more strategic Apple patents are confirmed by the patent office and the appeals court, and it appears inevitable that Android device makers pay Apple royalties and agree to "anti-cloning" provisions of the kind HTC accepted. For some time the Android camp thought that standard-essential patents were the answer, but it turns out that they are not. Patent enforcement takes time, especially in the U.S., but Apple has already made enormous headway, particularly in recent months. Let there be no doubt: Apple is on the winning track against Samsung and Google (at least in the U.S.).


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