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Apple Under Siege: Always The Underdog

Jean-Louis Gassée has a fresh perspective on all of the Apple doomsayers:

I recently experienced a small epiphany: I think the never-ending worry about Apple’s future is a good thing for the company. Look at what happened to those who were on top and became comfortable with their place under the sun: Palm, Blackberry, Nokia…

With that in mind, one can almost appreciate the doomsayers — well, some of them. They might very well save Apple from becoming inebriated with their prestige and, instead, force the company to remember, two years later and counting, how they won it.

In many ways analysts and industry pundits are giving Apple a precious gift. They are able to lead the industry in innovation and dominate in profit-share while still feeling like the underdog. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and believe it is an important motivator for Apple. While it isn't their primary motivation, it gives them an extra edge.

Apple may be the most valuable company in the world but they still has something more to prove.1

  1. It is worth noting once again that non-financial priorities are a central factor in leading Apple to superior financial results.