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More Rumors About A Larger iPad

Apple Insider has discoverd a report about the larger iPad on a Chinese site.

According to Chinese publication United Daily News (via Mac Otakara), Apple is actively working on a larger-screened iPad that will supposedly be constructed by Quanta.

Rumors of a bigger iPad form factor are nothing new. A report from The Wall Street Journal in July claimed Apple is exploring a possible 13-inch tablet to sate consumer demand for larger screens.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I believe an iOS device with a larger screen is coming, although it is not likely to “just” be a larger iPad. The purpose of such a device would be to aggressively attack the laptop market. It will need to meet the productivity demands of those whose laptop replacement needs cannot already be satisfied with the current iPad. A larger screen alone is not likely to be sufficient to do this. I am not quite sure what Apple's solution to this problem will look like, but I am very excited to find out.